The Ignition Company is a leader and catalyst for enabling individuals, teams and organizations to sustain high performance in order to achieve their full potential.

Operating where the science of performance, the art of fulfillment, and the practices of consistency and excellence intersect, The Ignition Company creates high-impact results that last.

We deliver on that promise by combining leading-edge research with our front-line experience working with thousands of business leaders, world-class athletes and aspiring achievers.

The Ignition Company designs solutions tailored to our clients’ specific performance challenges. This is accomplished by applying real-world tested methodologies, proven strategies, and proprietary tools. Our clients apply these insights to their own situations during keynote presentations, workshop-style learning days, and immersive one-on-one or group coaching programs.

Fueled by a passion for awakening the potential within everyone, The Ignition Company helps our clients align their professional, personal and inner lives toward a goal of unequivocal and consistent excellence and satisfaction. Our mission is to empower people to expand their abilities and capacity to be at their best, to elevate and sustain their energy, and to enrich their sense of purpose—in business and in life.


Ignition for Business:

Customized high-performance workshops, executive and performance 1:1 or group coaching, keynote presentations for conferences and company events

leaders trained
achievers coached
travelled to deliver live keynotes & workshops

Meet The Founder

Chris Janzen / Executive & High Performance Coach

Chris is a master high performance coach, facilitator and keynote speaker in taking achievers to the next level.

For more than two decades, Chris has been passionately teaching, training and coaching the modern skills for success and fulfillment. He brings a profound understanding of what drives human performance and sustainable behaviour change combining insights from the fields of leadership, sport and modern science.

As Founder and Principal Coach of The Ignition Company and its group of brands, Chris has travelled over 1,000,000 kms to facilitate workshops and events in more than 30 countries across The Americas, Europe, Asia, Middle East and Australia.

He has been a highly-regarded advisor and performance coach for some of the world’s top performing companies including Apple, eBay, Vodafone, Boston Consulting Group, General Electric, EA Games, Microsoft, BBC Worldwide, Rogers and Goldman Sachs plus has been a contributing expert to CNN, ESPN, Runner’s World and

He was named runner-up as Trainer/Speaker of the Year and Mover/Shaker of the Year by the Association of Professional Coaches, Trainers and Consultants and serves as a Trainer & former Elite Results Coach for the internationally renowned Anthony Robbins Companies, a recognized authority on leadership and peak performance.

◉ IGNITION COACHING provides transformational coaching programs for leaders who demand the most of themselves. These immersive coaching partnerships emboldens leaders to operate with greater clarity, alignment, presence and purpose.

◉ IGNITION ACADEMY provides powerful group coaching and training programs for professionals who want to reclaim their sense of purpose, drive, confidence and energy in order to excel in all areas of life.

◉ IGNITION SHOW is a weekly podcast where Chris goes 1-1 with today’s leading thinkers, researchers, teachers and inspiring achievers to uncover what it truly takes to unlock your full potential and fuel your greatness.

Admired for his energy, passion and ability to engage the minds and hearts of those he works with, he also walks his talk: is a 3x National Champion athlete and Ironman triathlete, run marathons in Europe, Africa and the US, climbed Mount Kilimanjaro, and is an award-winning photographer. For his contribution to helping others he was proudly selected as an official London 2012 Olympic Games Torchbearer.

Chris now lives in Toronto after 11 years working in the UK. He holds a Bachelor of Business Administration from Wilfrid Laurier University and a Bachelor of Education from the University of Western Ontario.

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