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In spite of advanced technology and workplace flexibility, the majority of today’s workers are more overloaded, distracted, out of balance and burnt out than ever before.

Meetings are plentiful yet largely unproductive, email is essential yet addictive, focus is critical but hard to achieve, and long-term success is the goal but short-term results are the urgency. Continuing at this pace is unsustainable at it undermines the very talents needed to produce results.

In fact, in their Global Workforce Study, Towers Watson found that 67% of employees are not fully engaged. The impact on the bottom line is undeniable and the symptoms are clear.

That’s where The Ignition Company can help.

What people need are new insights, new rules and new tools so they can personally flourish in their role and add the greatest value to their teams, the business and your customers or clients.

Popular Programs

From Good to Great — Sustaining High Performance in the Modern Working World

For leaders and teams wanting to recharge, refuel or improve how they work.

The constant pressure and demands brought on by the relentless pace, complexity, technology and uncertainty of the modern hybrid workplace can take its toll on your team’s ability to fully engage and deliver to their true potential.

This intensive and interactive workshop identifies the current barriers to high performance and teaches leaders and their teams how to systematically build high performance practices that sustain focus, productivity and energy, improve communication and collaboration, sharpen strategic decision making and, ultimately, grow personal and professional satisfaction, success and fulfillment.

What participants will learn:

  • The core levers of personal high performance and the science behind them
  • Which personal habits and cultural norms of behaviour undermine performance and satisfaction
  • Proven strategies that integrate into individual work styles and the reality of remote, virtual or distributed teams
  • How to intelligently manage performance throughout the workday in order to boost results and impact — whether working at home, the office or a hybrid
  • A process for pinpointing performance barriers in each of the five core levers and identifying smart strategies for eliminating each barrier
  • How to elevate the response to significant challenges and turn low-quality reactions into high-quality behaviour

Performance Mastery – Proven Strategies and Practices for Greater Focus, Impact and Results

Where focus goes, energy flows. Yet most workers say they are constantly distracted, pulled away from getting important work done and have fallen into very bad and ineffective habits around managing workload, interruptions and reacting to the constant “urgency addiction.”

The costs to the productivity, satisfaction and financial results are unquestionable.

This transformational workshop leverages research from neuroscience and the psychology of motivation and focus to dramatically improve day-to-day effectiveness. Participants learn how to focus on the work that drives the highest value.

Learn why we struggle to maintain focus, and develop simple, quick and powerful practices and strategies to breakthrough to a new—and lasting—level of high productivity.

Leapfrogging common ‘tips for productivity,’ this program is grounded in a fundamental application of the science of focus, distractions and behavioural tendencies of human beings. This workshop will empower participants to confidently design new, personal productivity strategies. Individuals and teams will make strategic decisions on how they approach workload, expectations and all those to-dos.

What participants will learn:

  • How our bodies and brains are hardwired…and what that means for how you manage your days, meetings and to-do lists
  • How to identify your personal pitfalls and smart strategies to regain high levels of productivity
  • The key criteria for filtering out requests and interruptions without damaging relationships
  • How to say ‘no’ more effectively and confidently
  • The five stages of Productivity Mastery and how to pinpoint and improve your ‘soft spots’ while accelerating your performance

Why Us?

  • We work in partnership with clients to accurately identify the core needs of a group and ensure all content, materials and examples are relevant and applicable to the organization, industry and business challenges.
  • We deliver master facilitation and teaching, grounding all workshops in research-based, practical solutions that leaders and teams can implement immediately.
  • We are grounded in a profound understanding of high-performance psychology, what drives behavior, decisions and motivation and how to remove internal conflicts in order to maximize the individual’s progress and success.

What Clients Say

Voted “Best of the Programme”…

We had multiple high profile speakers during our week long ‘Leadership Edge’ program for our most talented managers and future leaders in Europe, Middle East and Asia. It was a risk bringing in someone we haven’t used before but Chris exceeded our expectations. His energy and insightful ideas were a hit. At the end of the week it was the most talked about session and Chris was voted “Best of the Programme”. We’d be delighted to have him at our next event.

Director, Corporate Learning & Development, EMEA
Johnson Controls

There’s a reason we keep inviting him back…

Chris has delivered the closing day at our annual leadership conference for 5 years straight. The feedback from our global audience is always some of the best we’ve ever seen. We look forward to continuing to have Chris share the ideas to help us sustain our high performance.

Director, Leadership & Executive Development
Schneider Electric

Chris was outstanding and the results were unprecedented…

Chris was outstanding. His high energy and passion for the message was clear and we couldn’t be more pleased with the results.

98% of the 450 participants in the 11 workshops said they ‘highly recommend it to their colleagues’ – this level of endorsement was unprecedented for us, and Chris has set a high benchmark that will be tough to beat.

HR Director
Microsoft EMEA Services & Support Business

Chris delivered exactly what we hoped, and more!…

Chris absolutely nailed it. The feedback has been quite amazing really.

More than 90% said the content was critical to their job success and 100% of the audience thought Chris’ content, pace and style were great. It all related well to what BT needed – it was as if he had been working within BT for years. Chris delivered exactly what we hoped, and more!

HR Senior Manager
British Telecom

I’m amazed at how my days are so much more effective…

Since attending Productivity Mastery I am amazed at how my days are so much more effective. I feel in control again, my confidence is high and I no longer start or end my days overwhelmed and anxious. I highly recommend this course to anyone who desires to be more productive.

Lisa T.
Newlon Housing Trust
London, UK

I highly recommend this course…

Chris is a great facilitator and coach in high performance. He has an incredible talent at uncovering the truth about what gets in the way and his tips and solutions are always very insightful and practical. I highly recommend attending this course!

Sean K.
Random House Publishing
London, UK

He talks the talk and walks the walk…

Chris is a credible authority  on sustainable high performance.

Director, Learning & Development
General Electric