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Igniting Your Passion, Purpose and Performance

The cruel path of sub-optimizing

Michael Ray, the acclaimed Stanford University professor of the Personal Creativity in Business course, who Fast Company magazine once touted as “the most creative man in Silicon Valley” says that, “Most people forget their youthful experience of greatness and purpose or at least put it aside somewhere deep in their memory. It happens to all of us: we sub-optimize.”  Meaning, we may have an experience of the highest goal in our lives, but we quickly pull back to the lesser goals that society calls success. “And when we do this, we lose control of our lives because we are no [...]

Do You Take Your Own Advice?

As coaches, we are skilled in helping other people gain clarity, build self-belief, take action and generally find ways to consistently and constantly make progress towards their desired life. Of course, you don’t have to be a certified coach to be able to help other people do the same. We all, at times, offer our sound judgement, advice, support or guidance to friends, colleagues and family members. Yet, how often do you follow your own advice to others? Do you find yourself telling colleagues they should leave the office on time and get home to more important things while you [...]

Delays are not denials

Do you know that moment when you find out something you’ve been really looking forward to has been cancelled? You’ve been so looking forward to it, building up anticipation, wrapping up your planning and telling your friends all about it? Perhaps a flight for a holiday, a party, a date with someone special, or a new business meeting? The let down can be very painful and frustrating, sometimes even “devastating”. Or so it seems in the moment.  Religious views aside, one my more comforting quotes is “God’s delays are not God’s denials” (or the universe’s delays are not the universe’s [...]

Persistence is key, the reward is freedom

I was recently listening to an interview with a very amateur swimmer who tried his first triathlon (sport where you swim, then cycle, then run, all part of one race on one day). When he started training he didn’t know how to swim. At all. After some weeks and months of training he entered his first race and swam 1.5kms in 1 hour and 35 minutes. Or more easily understood, he averaged 6 mins 20 secs to swim 100 metres, and was by far the last one to finish the swim. A slow pace by any standard. However, within a [...]

The secret to discovering your ultimate motivation

It’s so easy for all of us to ‘lose our motivation’ at times. Sometimes this lull lasts for a few days, but typically it lasts for much longer than we want and it starts to become part of us, like a burden we carry. There may have been some trigger to that motivation slipping away — an event, a deemed ‘failure’, or simple (but oh so powerful) fear that stops us from taking action. We start to tell ourselves a story that we are “so unmotivated”, “I just can’t get motivated”, “I can’t seem to find my motivation anymore”. Which [...]

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