Michael Ray, the acclaimed Stanford University professor of the Personal Creativity in Business course, who Fast Company magazine once touted as “the most creative man in Silicon Valley” says that,

“Most people forget their youthful experience of greatness and purpose or at least put it aside somewhere deep in their memory. It happens to all of us: we sub-optimize.” 

Meaning, we may have an experience of the highest goal in our lives, but we quickly pull back to the lesser goals that society calls success.

“And when we do this, we lose control of our lives because we are no longer living from our core. We are living according to someone else’s idea of what life should be or what we should be doing. We lose the power that comes from doing what is right for us.”

Being clear and staying connected to your highest goal in life is what creates magic in our lives.

Bring a little magic to your week ahead by being more intentional and purposeful in your choices to keep on track to the path you were born for.