How do you approach conflict? How do you handle difficult conversations? It may be at work, where teams aren’t getting along, or you’re not getting along with your manager. It may be a family situation, be it with extended family members or in your relationship.

When conflict arises, one of two things happen: we either grow together or we grow apart, even if in small amounts.

As one person once told me in a creative workshop, it’s never about the idea itself, it’s about how you treat the idea. Similarly, it’s never about the conflict, it’s about how you treat the conflict.

I’ve worked with many companies over the years, and as they evolve to reach the next level, they often treat this change management through creating and implementing strategies and tactics. What I’ve witnessed is that the eventual success or failure of these companies through change management is less about strategy and more about how they approach change. This is what makes winning companies win. It’s the mindset and heartset of the leaders as they move through that change.

How do you respond when conflicts arise?

Do you retreat? Or do you attack?

Do you think reflectively? Do you react thoughtfully? Or do you get scattered?

The thing to think about is that if you want to improve your relationships, whether at work or at home, it’s fundamentally about looking in the mirror.

In today’s video I talk about how we approach conflict, and how conflict can actually bring us closer together by reflecting on how we can handle it better.