This week I was inspired by a document I read: Train your Brain – Thrive from Nine to Five. It asks, what’s is in better shape, your body or your mind?

A scary question? Or perhaps an interesting one.

In today’s culture we are often inundated with messages about body image, leading us to often think about the fitness of our body. But how often do we think about the fitness of our brain? Our body is something we can measure and we can feel; the brain is a little more challenging that way.

It prompted me to think, what am I doing to improve the health of my brain, and in what ways?

Biochemical health: am I feeding it the right nutrients it needs to function well?

Emotional health: are my thoughts and thought patterns supporting the health of my brain?

Thinking ability: am I using my brain in the most effective way in terms of focus, engagement, thinking clearly and critically.

So, how can you optimize your brain this week? And what’s distracting you from optimizing your brain’s health?

In this week’s video I go through three ways that allow you to optimize your brain power.